Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Promise

So much going on, but I promise to update this week. I wish I knew how many people are really following my blog. Please leave me a comment on this post so I can see. Here is a cute picture I thought I would share.


tburke75 said...

I follow!! Keep Posting!! I have been slacking off, too. Missed the gym today, but I slept from 9am to 2pm. My parents were here giving me a break!!! I needed the sleep. Next time...

Crista said...

I check in when I can. Behind on all blogs these days, and all else. You can always add sitemeter to get an idea of daily visitors and where they are, but of course it doesn't show people reading from readers like bloglines, which is where I typically do my blog reading.

Hope all's well!

sunkist33 said...

Hi Teena,
I read your blog!
Haven't updated mine in a while, gotta get on that!


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