Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Tonight we celebrated one of my favorite days. I kept hearing over and over from other friends and coworkers that they didn't like Valentine's Day because they felt it was too commercial. Well I don't feel that way. Have you ever read the back of Vintage Valentine? "My love grows fonder everyday in every way" Yours Henry. I could go on and on. The romance from times of the past and now stay with me and it's a day on the calendar to really express to your family and loved ones how much you truly care.
In honor of the day, we had a Chocolate Buffet. It was my first time making the Chocolate was so easy and fun. Violet loved her goodies and so did my husband. My gift is still being made by husband. I will post pictures after I receive it. A handmade holiday is the way to go! Maybe if those that don't like Valentine's Day try that next year, you will enjoy it more and find the true meaning of LOVE.

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Michele said...

Valentines Day can be fun if you let it! I love you idea. Also, I have a fondue party every year for my mom's birthday. Chocolate fondue is the best!


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