Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Homemade Baby Wipes

I recently started making my own baby wipes. I don't know why I hadn't done it sooner. It is so easy to do and it's one less thing you have to buy. I have always used both cloth and regular diapers on VV, but I am really hoping to do more cloth with the new babe. Making homemade wipes are so much better for you baby, I am sure you already knew that. I never really looked at the label of regular wipes, but when you can pronounce half the words on there. It can't be good.


1 Roll of 2 ply paper towels.
Organic baby wash of your choice
Olive oil or other oil of your choice

The hardest part is cutting the roll of paper towels in half. Be sure to use a sharp flat knife. After the paper towels are cut. Rip them off and fill your wipes container. You can use any kind of container you would like for your wipes. I found reusing some old wipes containers was the easiest option for me. One roll should fill 2 wipes containers.

In a large measuring cup add 1 part baby wash to 1 part oil to 1 part water. Pour over your towels. Be sure not to oversaturate. And there you have it. Homemade wipes!!!! Easy!

To take it one step further and to make more earth friendly. You can put the wipes solution in a spray bottle, you can use little baby wash cloths and then just toss them in the wash.


tburke75 said...

very cool teena. i am definitely going to make some of these. thanks for sharing!!!

turtledove said...

Sounds easy enough for me to give it a go :-) Thanks!

sunkist33 said...

You could also use cloth wipes with that solution I bet.
We bought some sherpa ones when Ocean was a baby that we still use.
I bet I have some newborn pocket diapers if you want them?

FuNkY MoMmY said...

Yes please!!!!

Nicole Benjamin said...

what a nice idea teena.

Katie said...

This is cool! I just made a diaper solution spray last week for cloth wipes, it is working great
Isn't making this kind of stuff rewarding?

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