Thursday, January 19, 2012

Waldorf Wednesday

   Our closest Waldorf school is a long drive away. I love going there though to get inspired. I often will bring the girls for their drop in program or their seasonal fairs. I think the Waldorf style is perfect for little ones. I decided to start a more local Waldorf Community in my area and it has really taken off and has attracted some lovely mamas. We often meet on Wednesdays either a someone's home or we take a field trip. Last week we did some bread baking and the dough came out lovely. The recipe is from the Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book. I highly recommend it.


Lauren Knight said...

Looks like such a cozy get-together! Will have to try the bread with my boys. I love the Waldorf method, but we don't follow it strictly. This is inspiration, though. So, thanks!

Julie said...

That sounds wonderful! I started a group with another waldorf mama in my area, it's just the two of us here, though. So nice that you've been able to get others together. Isn't like minded community wonderful?

write in tights said...

Oh! My very favorite is making anything with dough-homemade bread, pie crust, cookies. So beautiful. It's a bit of heaven when it rises.


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