Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Work in Progress

We have lots of little project going on around here like organizing and decluttering the attic and cleaning up the basement. Throwing out or donating anything we have not used in the last 5 years. But a fun work in progress is restoring and redecorating our vintage airstream!


Sharon said...

how fun! curtains out of a fun fabric would be an idea:) also I just made some pillow slipcovers I will send you the link when I get it up. Pillows and curtains are always nice anywhere and perk things up. Amy Butler or Joel Dewberry fabric would look good. I have a piece of each in the pic in my banner for my blog...

those patterns come in about every color and have corresponding prints to go with

Kelly said...

AWWW, MAN! I love Airstreams so much! I know you are going to make that thing look fantastic!! Let's go on a trip!!


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