Monday, June 7, 2010

New Funky Mommy Creation

I have worn this ring everyday since I made it. I am going to have a custom listing in the SHOP very soon. I will also be selling them at the Haverhill Farmers Market this summer. 3 or 4 more weeks to go until I meet this little babe. We are having a Blessingway this Thursday night. I am sad that a lot of my friends and family aren't going to make it. Everyone seems to be so busy. I really want to honor this second baby in a special way. I was a second child and noticed a huge difference in the # of photos, videos, etc taken of me. Thank goodness I was a girl! Anyhow...let me know what you think of this new creation.


nina beana said...

oh i am SO buying one of these! i can't wait! must have details when you are out and about selling your wares.

and can i just say how much i love the idea of a blessingway? i had the honor of being part of one in woodstock, NY- we rented a cabin and it was a whole weekend long!

Dreamer13 said...

CUTE! I love the ring :) What's a blessingway? Sounds intriguing! Congrats on your second baby :)

sunkist33 said...

I'm sad that I have to miss the blessingway :(
Love the ring! Let me know when you have them in the store :)

Michele said...

I love this ring... let me know the cost, I would like one for my mom!
I hope the blessingway went well! Can't wait to meet your new baby!


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