Thursday, September 2, 2010

Make Up Girl

   If you know Miss Violet personally you will recall that she loves to play make up artist. This probably started around 2.5. She loves watching Face Painting on YOU TUBE and tells me all the time that she wants to be a make up artist. I usually give her washable markers to play with and she she just loves to draw on herself and others! She has a blast doing it and it comes off easy. I think that a make up artist would be a fabulous career. She tries to get into my makeup from time to time, but I usually can steer her away. I don't want to give her really makeup to play with. I saw THIS on etsy awhile back and thought that was a cute idea. She loves to use her imagination. I came up with this idea the other night. I set her up with some real makeup  brushes, a few empty containers and a mannequin head and this girl played for HOURS! I thought this packed up nicely would be a great little kit to give a Preschooler for a gift. Let me know what you think!


karen said...

those pics are too cute (especialy her serious face in them:)I used to love drawing all over a doll i had in washable texta. Yes i think its something that lots of kids would love, great idea

tburke75 said...

great idea teena~!

camille creates said...

It takes a lot of patience to let our little ones express themselves (and a lot of clean up.) but it is worth it.
Have an awesome weekend, Camille


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