Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Vintage Elf on The Shelf and a Contest!

  I love the idea of the Elf on The Shelf. Instead of buying one that everyone else has I thought I could we could use a vintage elf that I found thrifting over the summer. He leaves at night to travel up to the North Pole to give report to Santa of what's happening in our house. How does he get there Violet asks? I said he flies, but she quickly noticed he did not have any wings. What do you think of our Elf and what  story can you think of to explain how he travels back and forth to the North Pole? A special treat will be mailed to the most creative entry. Please share on your blog, the more entries, the more fun!


Amber (Woodmouse) said...

I LOVE him! He touches that red thing on his hat and it sends a signal to his white goose who flies down and waits outside. The goose wears a red and white striped scarf and eats red berries. Elf sneaks out and climbs on the goose's back who flies him to the North Pole.

tburke75 said...

he may be vintage, but he is definitely up with the times. in this day in age he doesn't need to make the trip up to the north pole every night. he text messages santa to give him reports on his blackberry (used to be iphone, but the service was horrible at at&t). if the children are misbehaving he might even post it on twitter or fb for everyone to see! if they are REALLY misbehaving he skypes santa so santa can watch LIVE!! talk about instantly being put on the naughty list ;)

Tart Deco™ said...

Elf climbs out of the chimney (like Santa) and when he gets to the roof he whispers "Ta ra ta loo" and falling snowflakes come together to make a snow sled that flies on an ice track back to the north pole.

Cute contest ;)

tartdeco at gmail dot com

myshelss said...

I love your vintage elf! he is so cute!
So, actually he clicks his heels 3 times and chants "there's no place like the north pole, there's no place like the north pole, there's no place like the north pole" and disappears in a small cloud of glitter. When he has reported to Santa, he clicks again and says "back to Violet and Vintage"... 3 times. This way you never need a door, chimney or window. He is a magical Elf!
And, yes, he got the idea from The Wizard of Oz. ;-)

Heather said...

Oh my, that is so sweet! I absolutely love him.

Tara said...

I love the elf, what a cute idea!
I would say that only when they are sleeping (bonus- it could be a helpful tactic w/ bedtime!) Elf leaves to go report back to Santa. You could say he 'twinkles' his nose (like in I Dream of Genie) & vanishes only to appear in the North Pole, and returns to your home the same way.
Or you could say a reindeer picks him up, but that may not be as exciting.
Either way it's a cute concept to keep kids behaving & if he only goes when they're sleeping it may help with bedtime. Good behavior + easier bedtime....I need to try this! Thanks!

FuNkY MoMmY said...

Thanks for all the entries...I will announce the winner tomorrow!

Mike said...

The picture of her kissing the retro elf is really cute. The retro elf gets more love then any modern elf would.


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