Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Florida Warm Up Part Three- Let's go to the Zoo!

     The Miami Zoo....oh what an amazing place! We spent the entire day there and it was awesome.  My favorite thing about this zoo is that is it one of the few zoo's that doesn't feel like a zoo. The animals are in very natural habitats. The areas are so tropical and beautiful. If you are ever in Miami with children you must take them to the Zoo. ( Tip: Rent the little bicycles you can ride around in....we will be doing that next time)


camille creates said...

I've been to Miami once! Pink flamingos are my favorite. How many wonderful hues of pink they have. I still have a great fondness for pink and orange together that's inspired by flamingos.
I'm happy you are having a good holiday!
Love, Camille

Kimberly said...

Flamingos! Oh this post made me so happy. It is freezing and just dumping rain here. What a nice lift.


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