Monday, May 16, 2011

Thrifting Finds

     Well...I wasn't officially out thrifting, but I did grab these amazing goodies at the end of a yard sale, that I just happened to come across. I got all these finds for $8!Sometimes when you are not even looking, you come across the most amazing finds.

1. A Plan Toys Dollhouse and all the furniture for $5 ( Retails for $72)

2. A funky sunflower Pyrex Dish .25 ( Probably on ETSY for $20-$30)

3. Green Gardening Boots .75 and Lange Figure Skates $2. (Retails for $30)
4. Adorable Vintage Schylling Music Box FREE

Hope you weekend was lovely! Have you had any luck thrifting lately?
Happy Monday!


karen said...

wow, what awesome finds!

Joy said...

These are great finds!

Isn't it the best feeling ever to find something awesome by the roadside??? It almost feels like we are getting away with something. Last year I found a free really nice tall kitchen stool and a wood play stand for the kids.

Melissa said...

Seriously! What a fun day of awesome finds!

Amber said...

Wow, I want to go thrifting in your neighborhood. Isn't that funny when you find stuff and your immediate thought is "Wow! This would be $$$ on Etsy!" I totally do that.


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