Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Airstream Life

Well as I have sadly found out...not everyone loves Vintage. Our Airstream has returned home for the Summer for a few reasons:
1. A toddler that is very often afraid of bugs.
2. A crawling infant.
3. Not finding the right family oriented campground.

So the Airstream will be residing at the top of our driveway until further notice. I am hoping to host a few get togethers with girlfriends to do Art Nights. And maybe even host an outdoor movie.  Our neighbors are a very cool diverse group, however our newest neighbor caught me off guard the other day and asked if we were planning on leaving the Airstream where it currently was. She said and I quote, "well I am sure it looks all cute in the inside, but it really is not the best thing to look at from my house." The only thing I could say was ..."Oh well." My mother in law said next time simply say, I am sorry you feel that way. Wish I had thought of that last week. Some people are mean!!! What do you think of this situation? 


myshelss said...

Awww Teena! I am sorry the neighbor is not an Airstream lover! I think they are awesome and if I saw yours out of my window I would be jealous! OH, maybe she IS!! MV was right, but when you are caught off guard, you cannot always say something "good"! I hope you have a great summer, despite your Airstream & neighbor problems!

Joy said...

That is sweet! Enjoy it, and if it is on your property or driveway ignore the neighbour.

Love your blog!

Natasha said...

I have drooled, dreamed, drawn and wanted an airstream for over ten years. Would be happy just to stare at the neighbors airstream (if they had one). Enjoy and ingnore the nay sayers.

mamaunfurling said...

Oh gosh. We'd love to get an Airstream! Some people just feel the need to find something to be cranky about - even when its as gorgeous as an Airstream! :D

mindy said...

this is so cool and fun! cant wait to hang out inside :)


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