Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Simplicity Celebration Tuesday

     Every Tuesday I will be joining my friend Kathy from Bliss Beyond Naptime. She is such an inspiration for me. Not only can she make the perfect cup of coffee, but reading her blog reminds me to keep our daily activities and celebrations simple. This morning I found Violet in the Foyer sitting on a chair with her guitar singing. We have a basketful of instruments that we have used daily since Violet was a babe. What a simple activity to have on hand. I was not very musical growing up, but I have tried to expose my children to as much music possible, maybe they will play me a song someday. For now it is such a fun, free activity to do with your children. Feel free to share your Simplicity Celebration here or over on Kathy's blog.


Cerise said...

Adorable picture! We too have a basketful of instruments for the kiddos to enjoy. It's so much fun having impromtu jam sessions.

Cerise said...
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Kathy ~ Bliss Beyond Naptime said...

What a cute! We don't have much in terms of instruments here other than a djimbe but my heart does melt awfully fierce when they sing us a diddy ;)

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