Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change of season and rearranging

   I love changing things around in our home. I have had this idea for awhile, but had not gotten around to it. The other night my husband and I completely rearranged our living space. I wanted to put the focus around where our Woodstove is going to be instead of around our TV. I am not a big TV person, but I like to watch the news when the little one has gone to sleep. And the weather channel. I have fond memories growing up of watching the news with my dad when he got home from work. It's just something I have always done and despite of what they are talking about I still find it soothing to me.  In the kitchen I pulled out a beautiful vintage tablecloth I found thrifting over the some. Add some freshly picked apples and some of the last flowers from the garden (which were a pleasant surpirse when they started growing, I have no idea where there came from) It's a perfect fall scene.  What fresh energy a little rearranging will do. What projects are you working on in your home?

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