Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Getting Creepy Around Here!

My husband carved these foam pumpkins to add to his Halloween Collection. We live in an old fashioned neighborhood and get hundred of kids on Halloween night. It is the event of the year. And this year is going to be the best! My husband has been making halloween decor since last spring. Violet and I will be on the porch as the Highland Witches. My husband is going to make our front yard look like a cemetery and he is going to be a grave digger. I usually serve warm apple cider and have a basket full of toys/crayon/ some candy. I'm not sure what we are going to give out this year. I'd like to something creative. Any thoughts?


Signs and Salvage said...

Hey There!!! So nice to "meet" you!!! I am really looking forward to doing the swap with you:) Lets email soon and we can chit chat about or faves & stuff!!! Take Care...Kristin

Stephanie said...

No thoughts yet to share on that... but wanted to welcome you to Growing Naturally.
:) Stephanie


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