Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I am loving right now

Sorry for the pictureless post, but I leave lots of links to check out. I have been a little absent. My little one has been battling a ear infection. We have had two nights off schedule. She is in bed now...hopefully settled for the night.

We checked this place out last week. And we loved it. Hopefully we will be heading there tomorrow for their Waldorf Park drop in program. I have also discovered this new craft and I hope to experiment with it next week.

I am heading to DC for the weekend to see my friend in his first theatrical debut. This is his group. I am hoping to go here on my free day.

That's all for now. Happy October.What are you loving right now?


sarah in the woods said...

Sorry your little one is sick. Hope you have a good time in DC.

Kelly said...

Poor VV! Hope her ears feel better soon. Those things hurt!!

Kelly said...

Oh - and I'm loving waking up to the sound of Great Horned Owls talking back and forth. They are incredible creatures!

Nicole said...

I hope your little one is well soon!
Enjoy your time away : )


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