Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas....and Favorite Gifts

On Christmas morning...Violet woke up early and asked if Santa had come.This was the first year she was so excited to get up and see what gifts awaited her under the tree. We try to keep things simple. She wanted to open everything!!! We kept the pace slow. We encourage her to play for a bit with each new toy or game she received. We made breakfast in between. And basically lounged around all morning. The last couple of years we have had our parents over for Christmas breakfast. It has become a great tradition. More on gifts later. This year the Tree theme was Vintage of course. Lots of beautiful vintage ornaments adorned this tree. We even received an Airstream ornament. After a nap, we went to my cousin's house for dinner and made a quick stop at my brother's so Violet could play with her 3 girl cousins. I am glad we got out that day because the next day we had a huge storm and we were snowed in for 2 days. It was nice. Vintage was thrilled with her first bites of rice cereal!


Amber (Woodmouse) said...

An Airstream ornament! How fun! Happy New Year!

camille creates said...

I really like your dress.
Cheers to the New Year my friend!

myshelss said...

How wonderful your Christmas sounded! I have seen the Airstream ornaments, but not this year. So glad Violet was excited, just imagine next year!


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