Thursday, March 22, 2012

Backyard Bliss

Happy Spring! The last few days have been record breaking temps here in New England. We barely had a Winter and now we are enjoying a glorious Spring. We have so many projects in the works including:

A new Chicken Coop
Building a sandbox
Planting a rose garden
Polishing the Airstream

I need an idea for a kiddie pool. Something funky, fun and creative would be nice. Please share an idea or links if you have any suggestions.

 Here are some shots from our yard today.


KC Pagano said...

You have an Airstream! That's so awesome. If I ever got an RV I would have to get one of those. Does it hold up to all the romance I think it does?

myshelss said...

I was thinking of getting one of those black liners for a fish pond and making a pool out of it... not sure about cleaning it though. Here are a couple links I found...


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