Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Gardening Indoors with Children-How to make a Natural Easter Basket

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At our home we try to make our celebrations magical and homemade.

 Here is a fun project to do with your children. Wheatgrass germinates very quickly , so if you plant these seeds soon they will be ready in time for your Easter or Spring celebration. The children will especially love the process of soaking the seeds, filling their containers, playing with the dirt as they sow the seeds. And the excitement on their faces when the seeds sprout! Pure joy. After the baskets are ready, decorate them with some simple homemade treats. No candy? Not to worry! I am sure all your relatives will take care of that, as ours do.
 Happy Gardening!

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myshelss said...

Very nice! How awesomely homemade and natural!


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