Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Evenings at the Beach

I am joining Erin and some of her blogging friends in this project. Should be fun and interesting to see where this goes.

My first entry is Evenings at the Beach. We are so fortunate to live so close to the beach. Under 20 min and we are there. We are also lucky to have good friends with homes across the street from the beach.

I have dreamed of owning a little "shack" near the ocean. It doesn't have to be oceanfront. I just want to be able to feel the sea breeze and smell the ocean. I know it will happen someday. Until then, we will take our evening drives, when the sun has gone down and head up to our favorite beaches. I love to beachcomb and look for treasures. Violet loves to throw sand. Brian loves to stack rocks. Here is to lovely evenings at the beach! They make us very happy!


Christie said...

I knew you must be in the northeast too (well im kinda there) Your beaches look like ours. I also cherish nights at the beach and am not looking forward to the end soon :( Look forward to reading your 30 day journey

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! Thanks for joining my journey. Enjoy :)


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