Wednesday, August 26, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Yummy Yarn

What to do when your in a knitting slump? Get yummy yarn!!! I have a favorite knitting shop right down the street that has an amazing selection of yarn. A lot of their yarn was 50% off. So, I purchased a great bulky funky yarn to start knitting some Christmas scarves. I wonder who is going to get one. I think this first one will be for my little one. I love garter stitch. It is so easy and meditative, you can actually enjoy knitting. I think I'll make a bunch of these.

They are quick and easy and that makes me very HAPPY!

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Cathy said...

hi, I found your blog through bluebirdbaby, I too am doing the 30 days of happiness, and so far it's been great. Love the photos of your little girl, so sweet. Will be checking you back...


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