Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Airstream Life

Sorry I have been absent from this space. We finally had our first trip up to the Airstream last week. We took a 4 night trip with our 2 year old and our newborn and we survived. We do not have internet up there, so I will update the blog when I return from these trips. Our site is located in the on the beautiful coast of Maine in a town call Wells. We can walk to the beach and also have oceanviews from the campground. It is very family friendly. There is an onsite playground, beautiful in ground pool, shuffleboard, beach volleyball and more. We plan to go up for 3-4 night a week. We have the only Airstream in the campground. Brian did and amazing job getting it ready. Our screens are all bug proof. The windows are sealed. And we have working sinks and toilets! There are more things to improve next year. Like getting the ac fixed and a new awning. Here are some pics from our first trip: ENJOY!


myshelss said...

Very nice Teena!! I am sure you all will have some wonderful memories in your Airstream!

Nicole Benjamin said...

so fun to see the inside of the airstream! i loved the outside so much during wash wednesday! enjoy your summer with your family! xo
(Thank you for your photos by the way...)

Redbeet Mama said...

Wow - that is so cool. You are a brave Mama. And congrats on taking your two little ones to the pond all by yourself - that is a big deal -- wait until you have to chase your sweet little ones.



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