Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farm Day Maine

Last Sunday all of the Farms opened their doors throughout the state of Maine. It was a perfect opportunity to go check out a working farm and to ask questions. We traveled over to Limington to a farm called Tyler Farm. It was a longer drive than we thought from Wells. But Violet was able to get a nice long nap in. We learned about how they take care of their chickens and saw their vegetable garden. They said they were 85% self sufficient. They can and freeze a lot of their fruits and vegetables to get through the winter months. They also had some gorgeous yarn from their sheep. I splurged on two skeins of it of course! Brian recently started a small self watering vegetable garden. We are testing it out this year and will expand it next year. I have a ton of basil this year and some other herbs and some lettuce growing. We are also seriously considering getting 6 chickens. Well see.....Here are a few photos from Farm Day. What do you have growing in your garden?

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Kristy said...

What fun! I love Violet's dress. A friend of mine has chickens and loves them. I sometimes get eggs from her.


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