Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vintage's Arrival

I chose to have a scheduled C-section this time around. With my first born, I developed Pregnancy Induced Hypertension at 40 weeks. My fingers and feet became very swollen weeks before though and I just felt awful. They ended up inducing me and putting me on many medications that made me feel even worse and I ended up with a C-section 2 days later.
This pregnancy I felt great and kept saying that if my body went into labor before the date they chose for the C-section, then I would try for a V-Bac. My doctor said she would support me with whatever decision I made. It was nice having the control this time around. Well, June 30th approached and my gut told me to go in for the C-section. It was very surreal. But I must say recovery this time around has been much easier. They hung fluids during the procedure and gave me a spinal, but it was over quickly and I was very present when Brian yelled "It's a GIRL" I couldn't believe it. I really thought I was having a boy for sure because I had felt so good toward the end of the pregnancy. There were far less medications this time. I had fluids during the night to replace the blood I lost and flush the anesthesia out of my system. I didn't take anything for pain until the next day. I tried to keep things as natural as possible while in the hospital. I did not wear a Johnny the entire stay. I ate very healthy meals. Vintage was with me all the time. I was taken care of. I had excellent care and excellent food! I had lots of visitors this time around because my very close cousin had a major operation scheduled for the same day. My dad visited us everyday and I even got him to massage/itch my legs one night which was nice. My aunt, cousins and other relatives stopped in a lot, so it was nice to have company. My in-laws spent their time entertaining Violet and helping Brian with whatever needed to be done around the house/business. Thank you everyone! Here a few more shots!

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